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"As above, so below" is the foundation of all star wisdom. It was known in ancient times that there are correspondences between the macrocosm (heavenly realm) and the microcosm (human being) and the Earth. Astrogeographia is a modern form of this ancient star wisdom. The starting point of Astrogeographia is the recent discovery that there is a perfect correspondence between the celestial sphere and the earthly globe.  This means that each place on the Earth is linked to a star in the heavens, and that there is an astronomical mapping that underlies this remarkable correspondence between our planet and the starry heavens. For example, the city of Vienna corresponds to the star Aldebaran (the Bull's eye) marking the center of Taurus.

This new scientific discovery is detailed by Robert Powell and David Bowden in their book Astrogeographia - Correspondences between the Stars and Earthly Locations: A Bible of Astrology and Earth Chakras - click here.
Usually this correspondence between the heavens and the Earth comes to expression in a person's horoscope, and one of the services offered by this website is to facilitate the computation of your horoscope against the background of Astrogeographia. Also this new approach can be applied to finding your birth star, your conception star, and the four horoscopes applying to your conception and birth - as a help to understanding your destiny and finding your true calling in life. At the present time, however, there is no longer a chart calculation service offered on this website.

Astrogeographia book > Appendix 1 - The Mathematical and Astronomical Basis of Astrogeographia - click here

Astrogeographia book > Appendix 2 - Practical Application of Astrogeographia: Earth?s Weather and Earthquakes in Relation to the Planets and Stars - click here
Astrogeographia/Star Wisdom seeks to further the spiritual development of each individual, to cultivate a new consciousness of the starry heavens, and to awaken a new love for the Earth based on a knowledge of the correspondence between the earthly globe and the celestial globe. The work of Astrogeographia takes a variety of forms, each of which seeks to cultivate divine love and wisdom within human beings. At the heart of the work of Astrogeographia is the deepening of one's relationship with the stars as a spiritual reality, the work of inner transformation, increasing human compassion for all living beings, conscious living in harmony with nature, peace as an inner and outer (world) condition, and the formation of spiritual community.
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