Cosmic Eurythmy

Cosmic dance (cosmic eurythmy) is a renewal of the ancient temple dances where the pupils were instructed in the mysteries of the elements relating to Mother Earth, then the mysteries of the planets in relation to the Cosmic Soul, and finally the mysteries of the zodiac pertaining to the World Spirit. Introductory courses of the School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance introduce these three levels of cosmic consciousness through the dances of the four elements, the seven planets, and the twelve signs of the zodiac, which correspond to the "body, soul, and spirit" of the human being. 12 + 7 + 4 = 23, signifying that there are 23 forms (choreographies), each with corresponding music and gestures, to be learnt as a foundation for cosmic dance. Advanced courses weave the dances of the planets and zodiac into a living experience of the cosmic tapestry of the heavens, bringing to expression the planets in relation to the zodiacal signs. This entails 84 possibilities (7 x 12 = 84) for the seven planets in each of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Through cosmic dance, it is possible to find a deeper relationship with the earth, the planets and the zodiac, and thus with Sophia - the Soul of the Cosmos. Cosmic eurythmy aspires to lead one to an experience of the Harmony of the Spheres, culminating in "cosmic communion".

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Available from the Bookstore: Study Material for the Cosmic Dances of the Zodiac, which describes the twelve signs in relation to the stars, providing meditation material, and outlines the zodiacal forms and gestures in cosmic dance, with diagrams.

Also available from the Bookstore: Study Material for the Prayer Sequence, which describes forms and gestures in sacred dance, with diagrams.

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