Eurythmy as a Spiritual Path

Alongside the saying of Apollo - "Know thyself" - from ancient Greece, Christ spoke the words, "Heal thyself." A path toward self-healing is by way of the hidden power of the gestures, in connection with corresponding sounds, which form the basis of eurythmy.

Eurythmy means "harmonious rhythm" and is applied therapeutically to healing through movement. Body, soul and spirit are harmonized through the wisdom-filled eurythmy gestures. In working with eurythmy as a path to Sophia, prayer (devotional) eurythmy and cosmic eurythmy deserve special mention.

Devotional eurythmy (sacred dance) is meditative movement to prayers and sacred texts. It may be practiced individually or in groups, either way serving to open up the religious dimension of experience. In the words of St. Augustine: "Learn to dance! Otherwise the angels in heaven will be at a loss regarding you." And in the words of Sophia at the side of the Creator: "I was at his side to the sound of music, dancing before him the whole time, dancing upon the far-flung Earth, delighting in the sons and daughters of humanity" (based on a translation of Proverbs 8:30-31 by the Bishop of Innsbruck in his Ph.D. thesis on Sophia).

Cosmic eurythmy (cosmic dance) is essentially a renewal of the sacred temple dance of the ancient mysteries, where the movements and gestures of the dancers bring to expression the movements of the planets against the background of the 12 zodiacal signs. With the help of cosmic eurythmy ? enhanced by appropriate music ? it is possible to find a new and deeper relationship with the planets and the signs of the zodiac, and thus with the World Soul, Sophia. Cosmic eurythmy aspires to experience of the harmonies of the spheres, leading ultimately to cosmic communion.

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