Sophia Grail Circle

The Sophia Grail Circle is a community of people who join together to form a vessel to serve Christ and Sophia and the spiritual evolution of humanity and the Earth. Toward this end, we work together consciously and purposefully to maintain the intention and vision of our Circle.

The Sophia Grail Circle is an endeavor focusing on Sophia at the heart of the community. It is a human weaving that serves to enable the inspiration of the Holy Soul to work into the hearts of each and every person in the circle and into the Heart of the Sophia Community. The Sophia Grail Circle is working with the seeds of wisdom offered in the following three articles:

There is a monthly Sophia Grail Circle gathering in Marin County, California, which includes Sophianic liturgy and ritual.

Click here: Sophia Grail Circle Calendar for a schedule of the monthly gatherings in Marin County, California.

The Sophia Grail Circle forms also at other locations in the context of Choreocosmos workshops.

Click here: Choreocosmos: North American schedule for an overview of other locations.

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