Meditational Study Materials

Spiritual Work in the New Millennium

The spiritual work of the Sophia Foundation of North America is oriented towards shaping a vessel through shared spiritual activity. It is intended as a contribution to the inner work of preparing the future culture of Divine Sophia known as the Rose of the World. The foundational spiritual work offered through the Sophia Foundation includes the Main Exercise and the Subsidiary Exercises given by Rudolf Steiner in the First Esoteric School from 1904-1914, and the Daily Prayer Sequence given by Valentin Tomberg and further developed in the sacred dance of eurythmy by Robert Powell. These prayers and exercises are foundational for the spiritual work of the Sophia Foundation.

Meditation study materials which work in conjunction with these prayers and meditative exercises are available for inner development. This inner work is at the heart of the Sophia Foundation. There are eight different areas of study offered here, each of which has a unique focus. The variety offers options for people with different interests. The eight areas of study are listed below:

Study material by Laquanna Paul and Robert Powell on the Prayer Sequence in Sacred Dance, based on the Daily Prayer Sequence given by Valentin Tomberg.

The first and last areas listed above are intended for daily use and are not courses of meditation.

Click here: Study Material Packet, if you would be interested in the study materials packet available though the Sophia Foundation providing more detailed information describing the coursework and materials for the different courses of study.

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