2009 Journey to Turkey


An 11-day tour "The Eternal Feminine" is planned for October 2009 to the cradle of western culture in Turkey. This journey is not organized by the Sophia Foundation of North America. It is an independent initiative arising in response to requests from Sophia friends in Germany and Italy. The language of the tour will be English and there will be translation into German and Italian for the friends from Germany and Italy. Already quite a large number of people in Europe have expressed interest in this tour. A very accomplished English-speaking Turkish guide, who is a university trained archeologist, will accompany the tour. His contributions will complement those of Robert concerning the spiritual significance of the various places we shall be visiting.

Provisional outline of the itinerary:

Arrival day: on (or before) October 1, 2009 in ISTANBUL. The group tour will begin early morning on Friday, October 2 with a visit to the magnificent Hagia Sophia church.

The experience of this monumental building - of great significance for our theme of the Eternal Feminine - signifies the start of our exploration of important sites in Turkey corresponding to specific stars in the constellation of Orion. Right after our morning visit to the Hagia Sophia, we shall then proceed with a group flight to ANKARA, where we shall visit the world famous museum to become acquainted with artifacts of the Eternal Feminine dating back thousands of years.

"Earliest fertility statue (from Catal Hüyük)"

On the following days our journey will continue to the ruins of Hattusa from the late Bronze age, the capital of the ancient Hittite empire, which also corresponds to a powerful star in Orion. We shall then visit many extraordinary and unforgettable sites in Cappadocia, perhaps one of the most culturally rich regions on the earth, where the worship of the Great Mother flourished in various forms and was transmitted from there to other places - to Ephesus, for example. Cappadocia is famous above all for its spectacular and unusual vistas of nature, which we shall have the opportunity to take in.

 "Cappadocia's rugged landscape is as fantastic as any architectural construction on the earth."

We shall also visit Konya, the city made famous in the thirteenth century by the poet Rumi. There he established the Sufi brotherhood with their distinctive whirling dances representing the mystical journey to union with the divine practiced by the Dervishes. We hope to have an opportunity to experience the whirling Dervishes in Konya and to visit the nearby ruins of Catal Hüyük thirty miles southeast of Konya. The Neolithic settlement there has been dated to the seventh/sixth millennia before Christ, making it one of the oldest known cities of the world, which has been called the "Neolithic Rome", where archaic rituals of the Divine Feminine were celebrated. Our tour will take us to the spectacular white limestone cascades of Pamukkale and to Hieropolis, the city sacred to Apollo, where the Apostle Philip was martyred. We shall also visit the beautifully preserved ancient city of Aphrodisias, sacred to Aphrodite. Our journey will end in Ephesus, the site of the great temple of Artemis, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

There we shall visit the ruins of the temple and of the great city of Ephesus, and also the house of the Virgin Mary, who spent the last eight years of her life there. Ephesus also corresponds to one of the stars in the constellation of Orion.

Return flights will take place Sunday, October 11 from IZMIR airport (one hour's drive from Ephesus).

If anyone is interested in receiving more information about this journey to Turkey, please contact Bernt Rossiwall, email: bernt@rossiwall.com. Your name will be put on our list and you will receive further information as soon as it is available (probably after January 1, 2009).

As a footnote: One example of one of Robert's talks that he will hold on this tour: "Ephesus: City of Artemis and the Virgin Mary - the Astrogeographical Significance of Ephesus". (Astrogeography is a new science pioneered by Robert, which he spoke of for the first time on the Sophia Foundation pilgrimage to Egypt in 2006.)

Personally I am thrilled at the prospect of learning on this tour about the historical background in ancient times to the worship of the Great Goddess as a predecessor to the re-emergence in modern times of the Eternal Feminine, and also to learn about the astrogeographical correspondences of sacred sites in Turkey with certain stars in Orion as an expression of the hermetic axiom "As above, so below".

Bernt Rossiwall

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