The Present World Situation

The Present World Situation
and the Rose of the World

Often the question is asked: Why is there so much evil in the world? There are many possible responses to this question. From an evolutionary standpoint it can be said that the "mission" of evil is TO CALL FORTH THE GOOD. The more darkness and evil prevail in the outer world, the more Sophia – if we open ourselves to Her – is with us as LIGHT and GOODNESS, and the more She may be experienced in our thoughts and prayers, in our hearts, as a real presence in daily life.

The following words quoted from the Russian spiritual seer Daniel Andreev lead from the prophecy concerning the coming of Antichrist to the creation of the new world culture through Divine Sophia outlined in his book The Rose of the World. The Sophia culture of the future is one of peace and brotherhood. It is the answer – on the scales of spiritual evolution – to the evil of our time. Thus, for many, it is the Rose of the World that serves to set our goals and chart our courses for what is to come.

The Rose of the World

Daniel Andreev

By warning about the coming Antichrist, and pointing him out and unmasking him when he appears, by cultivating unshakeable faith within human hearts and a grasp of the metahistorical perspectives and global spiritual prospects within human minds…[we help Sophia bring to birth the new culture of love and wisdom called by Daniel Andreev the "Rose of the World"]…[Sophia’s] birth in one of the zatomis will be mirrored not only by the Rose of the World. Feminine power and its role in contemporary life is increasing everywhere. It is that circumstance above all that is giving rise to worldwide peace movements, an abhorrence of bloodshed, disillusion over coercive methods of change, an increase in woman’s role in society proper, an ever-growing tenderness and concern for children, and a burning hunger for beauty and love. We are entering an age when the female soul will become ever purer and broader, when an ever greater number of women will become profound inspirers, sensitive mothers, wise counselors and far-sighted leaders. It will be an age when the feminine in humanity will manifest itself with unprecedented strength, striking a perfect balance with masculine impulses. See, you who have eyes.

Daniel Andreev, The Rose of the World (Lindisfarne Books: Gt. Barrington/MA, 1997), p. 358 [words in brackets added by Robert Powell]

The words quoted above are from Daniel Andreev, the great prophet of the coming Age of Sophia and the corresponding Sophia culture that he called the "Rose of the World" (Andreev refers to Sophia in his book as Zventa-Sventana, meaning "Holiest of the Holy", and "zatomis" refers to a heavenly realm within the Earth’s aura).

The words of the great Russian seer Daniel Andreev are prophetic words. As indicated in The Most Holy Trinosophia and the New Revelation of the Divine Feminine,* Daniel Andreev points to Sophia and the coming world culture, the Rose of the World, in a most inspiring way:

There She is, our hope and joy, Light and Divine Beauty! For Her birth will be mirrored in our history as something that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will witness: the founding of the Rose of the World, its spread throughout the world, and…the assumption by the Rose of the World of supreme authority over the entire Earth. (The Rose of the World, p. 357)

The Sophia Foundation of North America was founded and exists to help usher in the new Age of Sophia and the corresponding Sophia culture, the Rose of the World, prophesied by Daniel Andreev and other spiritual teachers. The Rose of the World is arising through the approach of Divine Sophia toward the Earth. Her approach is calling forth the following basic qualities or attributes of the new world culture that She is creating and inspiring:

(1) First and foremost: interreligion. For Sophia all true religious and spiritual traditions are different layers of spiritual reality, which She seeks to weave together as petals of the Rose of the World. Sophia is not founding a new world religion as She approaches, descending from cosmic heights, drawing ever closer to our solar system. On Her path of descent, approaching our planet in order to incarnate into the Earth’s aura during the Age of Aquarius, She is bestowing insight concerning each religion and spiritual tradition, thus awakening interreligiosity, signifying a heartfelt interest in religious and spiritual traditions other than one’s own. This signifies the blossoming and unfolding of the petals of the Rose of the World, creating brotherhood/sisterhood between all peoples.

(2) Sophia’s approach toward our planet is bringing about an awakening of social conscience on a global scale, inspiring active compassion combined with unflagging practical efforts on behalf of social justice around the world.

(3) Through Sophia a framework for understanding the higher dimension of historical processes is coming about: metahistory, illumining the meaning of historical processes of the past, present, and future in relation to humankind’s spiritual evolution. This entails glimpses into the mystical consciousness of humanity such as may be found in the Book of Revelations.

(4) On the national social-political level, Sophia’s inspiration is working to transform the state into a community. The community of Italy, the community of France, etc., is the ideal for the future, rather than the political entity of the state representing (or misrepresenting) the people. And on the global scale Sophia is seeking to bring about the unification of the planet as a world community through bringing the different country communities into a harmonious relationship with one another on a religious, cultural, and economic level.

(5) This world community, the Rose of the World, inspired by Sophia, will seek to establish the economic well-being of every man, woman, and child on the planet, to ensure that everyone has a roof over their heads and sufficient food to live on. Here it is a matter of ensuring a decent standard of living for all peoples of the Earth.

(6) A high priority of the Rose of the World will be the ennobling of education. New methods of education are being inspired by Sophia to help bring out everyone’s creative talents. To ennoble education so that each person’s creativity can unfold is the goal here.

(7) Lastly, Sophia is working for the transformation of the planet into a garden and, moreover, for the spiritualization of Nature. Humanity and Nature are to live in cooperation and harmony, with human beings taking up their responsibility toward Nature, which is to work for the spiritualization and redemption of the kingdoms of Nature.

Robert Powell

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