The book Astrogeographia by Robert Powell and David Bowden is illustrated in color. "As above, so below" is the foundation of all star wisdom. It was known in ancient times that there are correspondences between the macrocosm (heavenly realm) and the microcosm (human being) and the Earth. Astrogeographia is a modern form of that ancient star wisdom. According to the astronomer Johannes Kepler:

There radiates into the Earth soul an image of the sense-perceptible zodiac and the whole firmament as a bond of sympathy between Heaven and Earth.... This imprint into the Earth soul through the sense-perceptible zodiac and the entire sphere of fixed stars is also confirmed through observation.

And Rudolf Steiner said in his course on astronomy, "We can conceive of the active heavenly sphere mirrored in the Earth." The authors of Astrogeographia set out to determine the correspondences between the starry heavens and the earthly globe - As above, so below.

There are many books on the sacredness and the spirituality of our Earth. Few books, however, deal with the relationship between the Earth and the cosmos, which is the central theme for the research presented in this book. Its point of departure is the one-to-one correspondence between the encircling starry heavens - the celestial sphere - and the sphere of the earthly globe. David Bowden has not only worked out the mathematics of this one-to-one correspondence, but has also written two computer programs that apply it in practice. Thus, a new science has been born - Astrogeographia - concerning the one-to-one correspondence between the earthly sphere and the celestial sphere.

Astrogeographia computer programs written by David Bowden.
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