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BERLIN latitude 52N31; longitude 13E24.
corresponding sidereal coordinates according to Astrogeographia–12TA12; 0S44.
Sidereal coordinates of Hyadum II (δ Tauri)–12TA08; 3S58.

Note: as indicated in the book Astrogeographia, it is above all the longitudinal alignment that is significant–see chapters 8 and 9.

Berlin mirrors a very significant star in Taurus. As indicated on the home page of this website, the brightest star in Taurus, the red giant Aldebaran, is mirrored on earth by the city of Vienna. And Aldebaran is on the left tip of the V-shaped cluster known as the Hyades. Berlin reflects the star Hyadum II ("the second Hyad") in the star cluster of the Hyades, who are the half-sisters of the Pleiades -
Concerning Hyadum II, see:

This star is also known as Delta Tauri (the δ star in Taurus) and is actually a triple star. Note that Aldebaran, as the brightest star in the constellation of the Bull, is the Alpha star in Taurus. Delta Tauri (Hyadum II) is an orange giant some 74 times more luminous than our sun and is located at a distance of 153 light years. Aldebaran is closer; it is 65 light years away, and it has a luminosity about 425 times that of our sun.

In Greek mythology the five Hyades, like their seven sisters, the Pleiades, were taught cosmic and sacred dance by their father Atlas, the great initiate at the start of Atlantis, after whom Atlantis was named. Hyadum II ("the second Hyad") is said to correspond to the Hyades sister whose name was Eudora, which means "well gifted" -

I am attaching a pdf with more information about the mythology of the Hyades. And I am also attaching a jpg which shows the location of Eudora's star just below the Bull's left eye (the right eye from the perspective of the viewer).

Robert Powell

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