ANNOUNCING!!! NEW SOFTWARE The Sophia Foundation of North America is pleased to announce that it will now be the distributor for:
A New Computer Program for Charts and Ephemerides
Peter Treadgold has written a computer program - ASTROFIRE - which includes: ASTROFIRE is capable of printing out geocentric and heliocentric/hermetic sidereal charts and ephemeredes throughout history. With ASTROFIRE one can: Included are eight house systems and a variety of chart formats. Also included is an ephemeris program with search facility. ASTROFIRE runs under Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP. ASTROFIRE retails for $285.00 (or for $175, as an upgrade to ASTRO - proof of ownership required: please send us floppy disk #1 of ASTRO - this will be returned once verified). The easiest way to purchase Astrofire is to email us at, or phone or fax us at 650-494-9900 and give us the following information:
  1. name
  2. address (home and shipping)
  3. email address
  4. credit card number, expiration date and name as it appears on your card. Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.
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ASTROFIRE written by Peter Treadgold is a research program to help astronomers, astrologers, and those who are working on the basis of research indications for a new star wisdom (astrosophy). ASTROFIRE represent a labor of love leading to the fulfillment of a long-awaited idea: to make accessible to everyone the basic research tools of astrosophy. ASTROFIRE's main innovation in relation to other astrological programs is the inclusion of the astrological biography, which in turn depends upon the calculation of the horoscope of conception, computed retrogressively from the birth horoscope by applying the ancient Egyptian hermetic rule. In addition to the possibility of computing a person's horoscope of conception (epoch chart) and astrological biography, ASTROFIRE allows the computation not only of the usual geocentric horoscope but also the heliocentric and hermetic horoscopes. ASTROFIRE includes an ephemeris program which computes the planetary positions geocentrically and heliocentrically on a daily basis, and also allow the user to specify the zodiac of his or her choice: the astronomical zodiac with unequal-length constellations, the tropical zodiac of present-day western astrology, or the original zodiac of twelve equal-length constellations/signs, known as the sidereal zodiac, that originated with the Babylonians and was used also by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and which is still used to the present day in Indian (Hindu) astrology. Other zodiac specifications are also included. Through the inclusion of the possibility of making all computations in the framework of the sidereal zodiac or the astronomical zodiac (or any zodiac of one's choice), ASTROFIRE is an "astronomer friendly" program for use by astronomers and astrologers alike, enabling planetary positions against the background of the stars to be computed with a high degree of accuracy over a period of several thousand years. There are several new features in ASTROFIRE, the two most significant being: (1) the inclusion of a star catalog; and (2) the inclusion of a database of birth and death data of historical personalities. ASTROFIRE'S STAR CATALOG includes over 3000 stars - primarily those that are visible to the naked eye. The significance of the fixed stars in astronomy and astrology has long been known. Recent research indicates that knowledge of the fixed stars is important to the understanding of any horoscope. By enabling comparisons of planetary positions with fixed star locations, ASTROFIRE opens a new and exciting chapter in astronomical/ astrological/ astrosophical research. ASTROFIRE permits such comparisons not only in individual horoscopes but also in whole groups of horoscopes belonging to ASTROFIRE'S database or which may be input (or also imported) into the ASTROFIRE database. ASTROFIRE'S DATABASE is made up of three Tables: (a) birth data of historical personalities; (b) death data of historical personalities; and (c) data relating to events in the life of Christ. ASTROFIRE'S database allows one to see which historical personalities were born at the time of any kind of configuration - for example, to see which people were born at the time of a superior conjunction of Venus with the Sun: Thus one can look at numerous examples of what Willi Sucher called "historical similars" - looking for a collection of historical personalities who all were born at the time of a particular planetary configuration and thus deducing, by way of empirical research, the essential quality of that configuration. This is a very different approach from that of the traditional astrological one of consulting a textbook to find out what, for example, a conjunction of the Sun and Venus at someone's birth signifies. The database of birth and death dates of historical personalities that is now included in ASTROFIRE makes it easy to empirically investigate the significance of different kinds of stellar configurations. The database of historical personalities included with ASTROFIRE provides an initial groundstock of data for astrosophical research. And it can be expanded upon by the user. Table "Christ Chronology": Lastly a few words about the inclusion in ASTROFIRE's database of this Table of data relating to events in the life of Jesus Christ: Central to Willi Sucher's astrosophical work was his focus upon the cosmic background to events in the life of Christ. He viewed Christ as a Cosmic Being whose life - and every event in his life - resonated with the whole cosmos and was inscribed into the cosmos as an archetype for humanity for all time. He considered it extremely meaningful to compare an individual's horoscope with the positions of the planets at events in Christ's life, for "resonances" discovered in this way point to an archetypal level indicating the higher goals of an individual's existence here on Earth. 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The yearly Christian Star Calendar by Robert Powell and Peter Treadgold offers a path of working with star wisdom, containing not only articles but also information about conferences and workshops dedicated to the new star wisdom (Astrosophy). The Christian Star Calendar includes listings of the sidereal positions of the sun, moon and planets day by day throughout the year, both geocentrically and heliocentrically, and also a commentary on planetary aspects similar to those during the life of Christ. It is published by the Sophia Foundation of North America and is available from the bookstore. See also: Christian Star Calendar
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