Chart Calculation Service

At present the Chart Calculation Service is not operating

Ideally this service would be free, as this website is educational rather than commercial. In order to provide this service, however, there are costs entailed, the primary one being labor. After covering the costs, any proceeds from the chart calculation service are used to support the maintenance of this website and also to support further research into Astrogeographia and development of the practical application of this research.

If you would be interested in making use of the chart calculation service, click here, and you will enter the Astrogeographia website store. In the store, for each type of horoscope produced by Astrofire, there is an example horoscope (in color). If you would like to see more examples of colored horoscopes produced by Astrofire, click here.

If you would be interested in the Astrofire program used to calculate the charts, click here.

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