Choreocosmos - Cosmic and Sacred Dance

Cosmic and Sacred Dance is a schooling through music and movement, engaging the body, soul and spirit, with the intention of aligning oneself harmoniously with the spiritual-cosmic world. It leads to a living experience of the earth and cosmos expressed in the inner life of Nature (four elements), and through the movements of the planets against the background of the zodiac.

Developed by Robert Powell - a eurythmist, movement therapist, and co-founder of the Sophia Foundation of North America - the School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance was founded to serve those seeking spiritual awakening, a living experience of the cosmos, and a sense of wholeness and healing.

Education in cosmic and sacred dance aims to develop movement skills, foster healing, enhance individual's spiritual growth, and to open a gateway to a new wisdom of the stars. The cosmic dances initiate a learning process that leads to an inner knowing or "gnosis" through moving cosmic forms.

Choreocosmos Schooling

The schooling offered by Choreocosmos aims not only at developing movement skills and healing abilities, but also at enhancing the individual's spiritual growth and opening the door to star mysteries leading to a new wisdom of the stars. In response to requests for a training in cosmic dance, Choreocosmos is offering a schooling intended to equip participants to teach and give courses on cosmic dance. Proceeding course by course, those who successfully complete the training will then be in a position to teach. It is envisaged that completion of the training will take approximately three years, depending upon the number of courses each participant attends each year.

Upon completing the training of the School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance, it will be possible to take these dances back to one's own community - or to take them to other communities - to help awaken the dawning consciousness of the new star wisdom and the star mysteries of Divine Sophia, and thus to be able to offer to one's fellow human beings the possibility of experiencing universal or cosmic citizenship.

Intrinsic to this schooling in cosmic and sacred dance is an experience of music and prayer being moved in forms of sacred geometry, which engage the consciousness, the heart and the limbs. Thereby the holy waters of the flowing life forces that move within each human being are set in motion in sacred patterns - leading to healing and spiritual awakening.

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Available from the Bookstore: Study Material for the Cosmic Dances of the Zodiac, which describes the twelve signs in relation to the stars, providing meditation material, and outlines the zodiacal forms and gestures in cosmic dance, with diagrams.

Also available from the Bookstore: Study Material for the Prayer Sequence, which describes forms and gestures in sacred dance, with diagrams.

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