To All Friends of Sophia: Exploring Her Mysteries


In addition to the Sophia Foundation conferences and meditation retreats, the Choreocosmos workshops are among the various activities of the Sophia Foundation.

In relation to the Choreocosmos workshops the question arises:

To what extent is the activity of cosmic and sacred dance the central focus?

Is it possible to participate in the content of these workshops without taking part in the dances?

The answer to the latter question is "yes", and those who have not joined in the dances but have simply watched have been able to experience the flowing ethereal life of the dances and even to garner profound insights from the experience as an observer.

Concerning the preceding question, the activity of cosmic and sacred dance does offer a focus on the physical level, yet on a deeper level the focus lies elsewhere.

Choreocosmos means "cosmic dance". This expression may be understood in the sense of the words of Sophia quoted from the Sophia Foundation booklet Divine Sophia, Holy Wisdom.

I was at his side to the sound of music, dancing before him the whole time, dancing upon the far-flung Earth, delighting in the sons and daughters of humanity. (Proverbs 8:30-31)

The goal underlying the Choreocosmos workshops is to unite with Sophia and more especially, to participate in her cosmic dance of creation.
She is cosmic wisdom and harmony, and her activity is cosmic dance.
Her dance is the dance of life itself, in perfect harmony with all creation.
Alongside each of the Choreocosmos workshops (see link below) is indicated whether cosmic dance or sacred dance is part of the workshop. This signifies a group activity serving to help build a vessel for Sophia. The activity of cosmic and sacred dance focuses the working of Sophia right down to the physical level. When we dance, our intention is to align ourselves with Sophia's cosmic dance. Yet our dance does not necessarily have to come to expression physically. It can be more on an inner level. Then all that is called for is an inner readiness to open oneself to the life of Sophia in all her abundance. Thus, anyone who feels the call of Sophia is warmly invited to attend the Choreocosmos workshops, whatever age or inclination, without feeling that it is necessary to participate in the activity of cosmic and/or sacred dance.

For many the focus of the workshops is on another level altogether, as the following thoughts expressed by one participant show:
"I very much love the prayer eurythmy, but that was only a small part of our workshop - the bulk of it was discussions about the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, Meditations on the Tarot, and Sophia.. as a "conference" or "circle" going in depth into the Sophia teachings on many levels...what it means to bring the Sophia energy into our world now, when it is so badly in need of healing... The focus in the future many want to reflect these recent world events, though I have felt that we have just as desperately been needing the redemption of the Sophia energy even before the terrorist attacks happened!

To summarize: for those doing the training of the School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance, working toward graduation in order to be able to teach the dances, the activity of the dances themselves is obviously central, therefore alongside each workshop the content in terms of sacred or cosmic dance is indicated. The dances offer a tangible way of bringing in the impulse of Divine Sophia into the group. Nevertheless, it is Sophia herself who is actually the all-embracing focus in every Choreocosmos workshop. The essence of these workshops is "going in depth into the Sophia teachings on many levels." Thus all "friends of Sophia", whatever age and whatever inclination, are warmly invited to participate in the Choreocosmos workshops to help "bring the Sophia energy into our world now."

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