Spiritual Ideal of Choreocosmos

There is a continual exchange of divine energy between the cosmos, the Sun and the Earth. This cosmic energy is Divine Love and weaves throughout the entire universe. The cultivation of love is the spiritual ideal of the School of Cosmic and Sacred Dance. In doing the cosmic and sacred dances, we seek to connect our hearts and minds with the Supreme Consciousness and Divine Love that pervades all existence.

Through learning to move together harmoniously in a group, community is fostered and the movement itself helps expand each person's awareness. In dancing according to the principles of cosmic harmony, one feels part of an organic whole, while remaining an individual. Consciousness is expanded beyond this planet so that one feels part of a greater whole on a cosmic level. One begins to experience universal/cosmic citizenship. Through the experience of cosmic and sacred dance in one's heart, one's gestures and in one's limbs - and the knowledge and understanding connected with it - the cosmos begins to come alive in one's whole being as a 'living organism'.

Cosmic and sacred dance is a universal experience of music and prayer moved in forms of sacred geometry, engaging the consciousness, the heart and the limbs, so that the holy waters that move within each human body are set in motion in sacred patterns leading to healing and spiritual awakening.

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Available from the Bookstore: Study Material for the Cosmic Dances of the Zodiac, which describes the twelve signs in relation to the stars, providing meditation material, and outlines the zodiacal forms and gestures in cosmic dance, with diagrams.

Also available from the Bookstore: Study Material for the Prayer Sequence, which describes forms and gestures in sacred dance, with diagrams.

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