Astrological Biography

In this section of the website on the features of hermetic astrology, several important new tools for the astrologer are discussed: relating to the calculation of Tychonic (hermetic) charts, and also to the casting of horoscopes not only of birth but also of conception. Following upon this and directly connected with it, the astrological biography is now described briefly. For, having found the conception (epoch) chart, it is possible to look at the astrological significance of the entire embryonic period between conception and birth. Astrological biography is based on the discovery that there is a direct correspondence between the planetary configurations taking place during the embryonic period and the events that subsequently take place during the course of life between birth and death. In order to apply this correspondence, however, one needs to know that the biography or spiral of life unfolds in a basic rhythm of seven-year periods during the course of a person's life. Knowledge of this rhythm reveals profound and fascinating regularities-among them the discovery that stellar configurations during the embryonic period are reflected in the subsequent periods of life according to the basic rule that one lunar sidereal orbit during the embryonic period corresponds to one seven-year period in life. This correspondence, which was discovered by Willi Sucher (1902-1985) in the 1930's, is the key to applying astrological biography as a science of destiny - as described, with examples, in Robert Powell's book Hermetic Astrology, volume II: Astrological Biography. Until recently, one hindrance to applying astrological biography has been that it is computationally too complex. Now, with the Astrofire chart calculation program, it is relatively easy to compute the astrological biography - this being a primary and unique feature of the program not offered by any other astrological software.

 Just as it is not possible to guarantee that the correct conception (epoch) chart has been found, since the epoch is the starting point of the astrological biography, it is also not possible to guarantee finding the correct astrological biography. However, anyone who applies astrological biography to their own life will discover - provided that the correct astrological biography is found - that it gives an amazing overview of the events of destiny in one's life. Astrofire produces a clear, tabular printout of the astrological biography showing which dates in life the planetary configurations during the embryonic period apply to. The printout of the astrological biography also indicates the changing zodiacal periods in life: solar, lunar, and planetary. For example, the lunar zodiacal periods change every seven months, whereas the solar zodiacal periods in one's life change about every 7 years. Upon request, the Astrofire chart calculation service will provide you with your astrological biography - click here. The indication that the astrological biography extends from birth to age 70 is an average value, which varies from person to person, depending upon the actual length of the embryonic period. Note that generally speaking life does continue beyond the cut-off (average: age 70) of the astrological biography. If one is able to provide information regarding the length of one's embryonic period, whether one was born on time (9 months, full term) or premature or overdue (and by how much), this is a considerable help in finding the correct conception (epoch) chart and therewith the correct astrological biography.

 If requested, Astrofire can also provide you with a graphic display of your astrological biography showing the planetary movements that took place between conception and birth - displayed around a circular image of the embryo. This is a wonderful mandala with which to contemplate how, during one's embryonic period, the cosmos was at work shaping one on various levels, including shaping the path of one's destiny.

 Lastly, if requested, Astrofire can provide a rectangular chart of the planetary movements from conception to birth projected onto the time-line (seven-year periods) of the astrological biography. With this rectangular chart, which is available not only for the geocentric planetary movements but also for the heliocentric orbits of the planets between conception (epoch) and birth, one can see at a glance the nodal points in one's life - where planets come into conjunction with one another and then separate again (in terms of the astrological biography).

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