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Traditional astrology works solely with the geocentric birth chart. Hermetic astrology, based on a deeper understanding of the different levels of the human being, works with four birth charts for each person - each horoscope relating to one of the four aspects of the human being. These four aspects are: the physical body, the etheric body, the astral body, and the "I" (self) of the human being (as comes to expression, for example, if one says: "I myself believe"). In contrast to the physical body, which is clearly identifiable and can be objectively described, the nature of the "I" is spiritual and less easy to characterize - and this is where hermetic astrology is helpful, as it can come to a characterization of something that is otherwise intangible. Hermetic astrology takes into account not only the "I" and the physical body, but also that which mediates between them and which is also of a subtle (invisible) nature: the etheric body, also known as the life body, and the astral body, which is the bearer of the human being's instincts and passions, as well as the soul activities of thinking, feeling, and the will.

 What are the horoscopes relating to these four aspects of the human being? The next section of this website (click here) describes the significance of the two perspectives: heliocentric and geocentric. The heliocentric perspective relates to the level of the Sun (Helios) and the geocentric to the level of the Earth (Ge or Gaia). In addition there is the helio-geocentric viewpoint of the Tychonic (hermetic) perspective based on the astrological system of the great Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601). This Tychonic perspective includes the heliocentric perspective and yet at the same time maintains the Earth at the center, which is the case for the incarnated human being. The Tychonic viewpoint is also called hermetic, because it was the perspective of the ancient Egyptians, as described in Robert Powell's books Hermetic Astrology, volumes I and II. Hermetic astrology includes the hermetic perspective of the ancient Egyptians in addition to the geocentric viewpoint that was the astrological perspective of the Babylonians. Therefore, each human being has a hermetic horoscope of birth as well as a geocentric birth chart, whereby the hermetic horoscope - because it is helio-geocentric - includes the heliocentric horoscope.

 In addition, hermetic astrology applies the ancient Egyptian hermetic rule to determine the human being's conception chart, also known as the epoch chart. The conception (epoch) chart can also be cast from both the hermetic and the geocentric standpoints.

In the course of research into the hidden and mysterious connections relating to the incarnation of the human being, it has become evident that the two epoch charts (hermetic and geocentric) relate to the physical and etheric bodies, respectively. At conception the hermetic chart - related to the level of the Sun - gives a picture of the spirit seed of the physical body, and the geocentric chart gives a picture of the primary impulse from the surrounding etheric cosmos on the building up of the etheric body.

 Similarly the two birth charts (hermetic and geocentric) relate to the "I" and astral body of the human being. At birth the hermetic chart, which is connected with the level of the Sun, reveals the goal of the incarnating human being as an "I" coming into a new incarnation upon the Earth in order to fulfill a destiny - a destiny that has been elaborated upon the descent through cosmic spheres on the way into incarnation. And the geocentric chart at birth, which is the traditional astrological chart, has always been called the map of the soul - this clearly relating to the level of the astral body, which is the bearer of the soul (sometimes called the soul body).

 Against this background it is evident that every human being has four horoscopes, relating to the four levels of the human being:

 hermetic conception horoscope         physical body

 geocentric conception horoscope      etheric body

 geocentric birth horoscope                  astral body

 hermetic birth horoscope                      "I"

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