Solar Returns

Each year we celebrate our birthday. The cosmic background to the celebration of the birthday is the fact that on or around one's birthday the Sun returns to the same position it was located at one's birth. On this account it is customary to wish someone many happy returns, that is, "May you experience many more happy birthdays (when the Sun returns, having made one orbit of the zodiac between birthdays)." The Sun represents the "I" (self) - hence the significance of the heliocentric or hermetic horoscope. Moreover representing this higher spiritual perspective, the Sun is able to ray in around the time of the birthday, often enabling new insights into the future unfolding of one's destiny. The birthday, or the time around the birthday, is often thus a propitious time for making decisions about one's destiny. The higher perspective offered by the Sun at this moment in time is, of course, embedded in the entire planetary configuration of the moment of the Sun's return, and the horoscope cast for this moment is known as the solar return.

As an example, let us consider the solar return around the time of Rudolf Steiner's 64th birthday, the last solar return on his life, since he died at the age of 64 years and one month (plus five days). Click here to view this solar return. The planetary configuration of the solar return is shown in the outer circle and the birth horoscope is in the inner circle. The solar return is shown by the identical positions of the Sun in the two circles - that is, the Sun at the solar return is transiting the Sun at birth (this is the definition of the solar return). The intensity of this solar return is evident in the transit of Saturn (20 Libra) to his birth Ascendant (19 Libra) in opposition to Mars (20 Aries) transiting his Descendant (19 Aries). At the same time Neptune (27 Cancer) is transiting the birth position of Jupiter (27 Cancer). All in all, the configuration of this solar return is extremely potent. Rudolf Steiner was ill at the time, and never recovered from his illness. Death ensued on March 30, 1925.

 Astrofire, if requested, can provide you with solar returns for any birthday(s) you request - click here if you would like to avail yourself of this service. The configuration of the solar return at (or around) the time of one's birthday can be a source of inspiration in coming to know one's destiny intentions on the level of the "I" (self) for the coming year.

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