"As above, so below"

(The law of correspondences attributed to the Egyptian initiate Hermes Trismegistus)

Astrogeographia is a new science concerning the correspondence between stars in the heavens and earthly geographical locations such that each star is mirrored at a specific location on the Earth.

Alnitak and the Great Pyramid at Giza

"The pyramids exhibit stellar alignments: the bases are aligned meridionally (north to south) with the stars. The Great Pyramid has four shafts pointing meridionally towards important stars relating to the rebirth cult. One points directly to Orion's Belt--more specifically to Al Nitak, the lower star in Orion's Belt. Correlating this star to the Great Pyramid, we can see the same pattern of layout between the three pyramids of Giza with the three stars of Orion's Belt..." (Robert Bauval-Adrian Gilbert, The Orion Mystery).

In light of Astrogeographia, just as the Great Pyramid at Giza corresponds to the star Alnitak, so the city of Alexandria corresponds to the star Alnilam-Alnitak and Alnilam being two of the three stars in the belt of Orion. Moreover, the ancient city of Ephesus (on the west coast of present-day Turkey) corresponds to the star Bellatrix marking the left shoulder of Orion. [click here]


Astrogeographia is applicable not only to places on the Earth but also to individual horoscopes. The method of casting horoscopes in hermetic astrology is based on the teachings of Hermes from ancient Egypt, and also upon the ancient star wisdom of the Babylonians and Greeks. This means that your horoscope--based on hermetic astrology--is different from the usual horoscope drawn up by contemporary western astrology. In fact, four horoscopes are generally drawn up for each person in hermetic astrology. To learn more about this unique and comprehensive approach to understanding yourself, consult the various entries on this website and make use of the chart calculation service or the Astrofire program, which enables the application of the law of Hermes to find the conception (epoch) horoscope. When computed from both the geocentric and the heliocentric/hermetic/Tychonic standpoint, the conception or epoch horoscope yields two of the four horoscopes mentioned above--the other two being the geocentric and the heliocentric/hermetic/Tychonic horoscopes of birth. Concerning these four horoscopes: [click here]

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