Astrology and Reincarnation

There exists a star wisdom-a "science of the stars"-which one needs to understand karma, and that linked to this is a "science of karma". For more than a quarter of a century I have occupied myself with the science of the stars as a science of reincarnation and karma. After a six-year teaching career in mathematics at England's Brighton University (formerly Brighton Polytechnic), I embarked upon a thirty-year odyssey of research into the origins of astrology. Resulting from this research, I wrote my thesis on the "History of the Zodiac" for submission to the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. There I was awarded the title of Ph.D. on March 3, 2005, and in the year 2007 my thesis was published under the title of History of the Zodiac.

In my two volumes on Hermetic Astrology [click here] the first two "rules" of astrological-reincarnation research were initially published. Heinz Herbert Schöffler referred to the first rule in his book Rudolf Steiner und die Astrologie ("Rudolf Steiner and Astrology").

The mathematician, eurythmy therapist, and astrologer Robert Powell has discovered a rule which stands out significantly from various positions in so far as this discovery can be reconstructed . . . let us call this rule "Powell's rule...1

 The first rule relates to the angular relationship between the Sun and Saturn at death in one incarnation and how this angle-sometimes in a metamorphosed form-repeats itself at birth in the following incarnation. This rule is discussed in detail in Chapter 6 of Hermetic Astrology, volume I.

 The second rule is extremely important for grasping the new science of the stars as a science of reincarnation and karma, calling for an in-depth look that we will begin here. What does the second astrological-reincarnation rule state?

The sidereal zodiacal position(s) of h-Mercury and/or h-Venus at birth in one incarnation tend(s) to align with the sidereal zodiacal position(s) of h-Mercury and/or h-Venus at death in the preceding incarnation.

The designation "h" signifies heliocentric (hermetic/Tychonic), so the second rule refers to the heliocentric (hermetic/Tychonic) positions of Mercury and Venus in the sidereal zodiac. And an alignment occurs either on the same side of the zodiac (conjunction) or on the opposite side (opposition). There are two major implications of this second rule of astrological reincarnation:

  1. that the heliocentric (hermetic) planetary positions are significant, and therefore the heliocentric (hermetic/Tychonic) horoscope is an astrological reality needing to be taken into consideration along with the traditional geocentric horoscope; and
  2. the sidereal zodiac is the authentic astrological zodiac.

See Hermetic Astrology, volume I, Appendix IV [click here] for examples of the application of the two rules of astrological reincarnation.

1 Heinz H. Schöffler, Rudolf Steiner und die Astrologie, pp. 106-107.

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