Your zodiac sign is not what you think it is

One of the reasons for offering the chart calculation service is to help clear up one of the most widespread scientific misconceptions of our time - concerning the definition of the signs of the zodiac. Apart from India, where the tradition of Vedic astrology still holds to the original definition of the signs of the zodiac from ancient Babylon (now known as the sidereal zodiac), the rest of the world has adopted the tropical zodiac of Greek astronomers in place of the original sidereal zodiac. The historical background to this is discussed at length in History of the Zodiac - click here. The consequence of the adoption by western astrologers of the tropical zodiac, which originally was not a zodiac but a calendar, is that a mistaken conception of the zodiacal signs has become widespread throughout the world (with the exception of India). Now millions of people believe that they were born in a particular zodiacal sign, whereas, the fact is, they were not born in that sign.

To give an example: someone born on March 25 generally believes that they are an "Aries", but the Sun on March 25 is actually in Pisces - click here to view the Sun's location in the signs of the sidereal zodiac throughout the yearly calendar cycle. It is correct to say that someone born on March 25 in the northern hemisphere was born in the month of Aries in the tropical calendar, which was the predecessor of the tropical zodiac. However, in terms of the sidereal zodiac, they were born with the Sun in Pisces. For someone born on March 25 in the southern hemisphere it is accurate to say that they were born in the month of Libra in the tropical calendar - with the Sun in Pisces in the sidereal zodiac. The Sun's location in the sidereal zodiac - in the preceding example for someone born on March 25 - remains the same whatever the location on the Earth might be. From everywhere on the Earth, looking up to the Sun it is located against the background of the same fixed star for everyone on the Earth at that moment in time. However, as the cycle of the seasons (tropical calendar) is the reverse in the southern hemisphere of that in the northern hemisphere, the date March 25, which falls in the month of Aries at the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, falls in the month of Libra (opposite Aries) at the beginning of autumn in the southern hemisphere.

From a consideration of the basic finding of Astrogeographia that there is a one-to-one correspondence between the starry heavens and the earthly globe, it should be evident that the horoscope is also based on the relationship of our solar system to the background of the starry heavens - in other words: sidereal, which means "of the stars". Moreover, as shown conclusively by the research presented in Hermetic Astrology, volume I click here, it is the location of the Sun, Moon, and planets in the sidereal zodiac, which comprises the birth horoscope. Since most people (with the exception of those living in India) have a mistaken conception of their zodiacal sign and their entire horoscope, the chart calculation service is provided to enable one to know one's true sign and horoscope. People using this chart calculation service are generally interested in knowing their sidereal sign and horoscope. However, it is also possible to request one's tropical sign and horoscope. And one can specify "tropical" or "sidereal" for all the variety of horoscopes offered, horoscopes of conception and birth: geocentric, heliocentric, Tychonic (hermetic), etc.

As well as in the two Hermetic Astrology volumes, conclusive evidence of the validity of the sidereal zodiac as the authentic astrological zodiac is presented in the book Elijah Come Again: A Prophet for our Time: A Scientific Approach to Reincarnation - click here to see the announcement of this book and scroll down to the Index of horoscopes to see all the horoscopes referred to in this book or click below. The horoscopes are all in color, produced by the Astrofire program, and are arranged in two sections. Section A contains all the individual horoscopes, and Section B the comparison horoscopes - primarily comparisons between horoscopes of conception, birth, and death of the Elijah individuality in various incarnations throughout history. The main finding, which is evident from a glance at the comparison horoscopes, is that planets align (on the same side or on opposite sides of the zodiac) between different incarnations in the sidereal zodiac (and not in the tropical zodiac). This scientific proof of the sidereal zodiac as the authentic astrological zodiac, first presented in the Hermetic Astrology volumes, and now presented again in a very succinct way in Elijah Come Again is the primary astrological research finding of the twentieth/twenty-first centuries. A secondary, but just as important, discovery concerns the scientific verification of the astrological validity of the heliocentric/hermetic horoscope as an invaluable adjunct to the geocentric horoscope of traditional astrology. Click here to see the comparison horoscopes from Elijah Come Again offering conclusive evidence of the validity of the sidereal zodiac as the authentic astrological zodiac.

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